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Our Principles

The 6 Principles Of A Highly Effective Cleaning Company

1. excellence In Cleaning

Since 1984, AMPM Facility Services has been servicing companies throughout New England. We're proactive. We have a "no excuse" policy. At AMPM, we don't just wait for your phone call. We systematically conduct customer service inspections to ensure we're meeting your every need and our own high standards.

"Manufacturers and Quality Control Managers have commented in their monthly reports to me in the consistency and quality of the cleaning being performed in their areas. The clean room manufacturing suites have noticed a dramatic improvement since your arrival. This improvement is not only the subjective opinion of the staff working within the suites, but is objectively proven by our regular environmental monitoring data. I compliment you and your staff on a job well done."
(Manufacturing Company)

"Your company has freed us from bondage of depending on an in-house janitor who would never maintain the building to the same level of cleanliness. We are very pleased with the service we receive. It is such a relief not to worry about what the school looks like and the impression it makes on visitors."
(Private School)

2. Security

In today's uncertain world, AMPM sets the industry standard of excellence, leading by example in making security a priority. We screen each and every employee, eliminating anyone with falsified documentation so you're guaranteed a qualified, legal cleaning staff. We check ourselves by employing an outside agency to validate data. The agency also identifies anyone with a criminal record and is not eligible for hire at AM-PM.

"The AM-PM staff is considerate and resourceful while performing their duties. The company's hiring practices are a step above the other companies in the industry as they use a third party to perform 7-year background checks. This type of business practice is essential for our government requirements which require extensive security screening."
(Global Defense and Technology Company)

3. Smooth Transition

AMPM Facility Services can provide you guaranteed legal workers and peace of mind. We'll provide you with the smoothest transition, upgrading you from your existing cleaning company to AM-PM. Our transition process is virtually seamless.

"I'm extremely happy with the cleaning team that works here. They are friendly, polite and pay close attention to detail. They made the transistion seamless and without incident."
(Pharmaceutical Company)

4. Real Value

We document every penny of cleaning cost that is allocated and will monitor it for savings opportunities.

"...With the cost savings and additional security afforded to us with background checks, there is no question that we made the right decision to move to AM-PM Cleaning."
(Manufacturing Company)

"We are definitely experiencing the positive effects of AM-PM being an ISO 9001 certified company. It shows in the reliabilty, consistency and communication AM-PM demonstrates."
(Property Management Company)

5. Our Employees

The AMPM team stays with us because we treat them with respect. We provide our employees with a rigorous training program, recognition and bonuses. This brings value to our customers in the form of honesty, dependability and consistency.

"I continue to appreciate the consistent quality of service by your staff. Our expectations for service are exceptionally high and, with minimal effort on my part, AM-PM continues to meet those standards. The nightly cleaning crews understanding of the quality of service we expect and their ability to consistently exceed our expectations is greatly appreciated. Their pride of ownership and commitment to excellence is a true reflection of the values of AM-PM Cleaning"

6. 24/7 Fast Response

A big part of excellent service is prompt service. Whether you have a facility problem at rush hour or 3 AM, we are accessible by pager, cell phone and our around-the-clock dispatch facility. We will be there when you need us, 24 hours a day. If there are any problems, we take full responsibility and address them immediately.

"Special assignments are all taken in stride. We've had floods in the basement, roof leaks and power failures. AM-PM and their trusty crew spring into action and get us back in business in short order."

AMPM Management Team

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