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AMPM’s professional cleaners serve a diverse cross-section of businesses including:

Commercial & Corporate

A customer’s first impression is established the moment they walk through your front door. AMPM Facility Services understands the importance of corporate image; focusing on creating customized commercial cleaning solutions for each individual client. Our job is to keep your facility looking its best at all times and provide you with true value added service.

With more than 30 years of experience, AMPM Facility Services creates environments that stimulate work, increase value, and meet the needs of our clients. Many prestigious corporations, financial institutions, property managers, and facility owners throughout New England rely on our expertise. AMPM cleans over 20 million square feet of space each night.

AMPM Facility Services has the knowledge to provide your building or office space with customized and affordable services that generate quantifiable results. We offer comprehensive solutions for establishing a successful environment, including specialized GMP Training, integrated technology, and antimicrobial applications.

Life Science Facilities


AMPM Facility Services helps you maintain your competitive advantage by ensuring that your cleanrooms and controlled environments are always maintained to your exact specifications. Pharmaceutical and biotech businesses rely on us every day for micro-cleaning and decontamination.

AMPM Facility Services has extensive cleaning experience providing specialized cleaning services to industries that have controlled environments with SOP’s and required documentation. Our personnel are trained and experienced in gowning and cleaning procedures to class 10,000 and 1,000 manufacturing suites. Our experience and excellent track record has made AMPM Facility Services an industry leader in clean room cleaning services.

Our long term biotech clients confirm our ability to structure an effective cleaning program, consistently implement and maintain protocol, instantly adapt to SOP changes, and maintain extremely accurate record keeping. We have a proven track with some of the best known Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology firms in the world.



AMPM Facility Services has been specializing in a wide range of services for Educational Facilities for over 30 years. Our expertise and understanding of what is necessary to serve the educational community is what makes us unique. We understand that a perception of clean is only the beginning, while making sure a healthy environment is the end result. AMPM’s customers include some of New England’s most prestigious colleges, independent private schools, and K-12 public schools.

Our operational experts recruit and our in-house human resources train employees that will fit well with your existing educational culture. Each new employee goes through rigorous orientation and training programs, thereby developing the knowledge and skills to efficiently and safely perform the work requirements. AMPM uses strict hiring and training guidelines to employ only the highest quality personnel who have also been screened thru AMPM’s multiple tier screening practice.

Our FacilityGREEN program plays a vital role in creating a healthier environment through the use of certified chemicals, documented processes, training, tools and support. AMPM incorporates LEED practices in our cleaning specifications. AMPM’s stated mission is to be an industry leader providing quality services at a true value to our customers in the highest ethical manner.

Manufacturing Plants


AMPM Facility Services provides facility services in New England to many challenging manufacturing and life science environments. We have extensive cleaning experience in controlled environments that require detailed SOP’s, and rigorous documentation. Our personnel are trained and experienced in gowning and cleaning procedures to class 10,000 and 1,000 manufacturing suites.

When working in an industrial or manufacturing environment, safety is always at the forefront. At AMPM Facility Services we respect the potential hazards present at these types of facilities and make it our number one priority to ensure that safety protocols are implemented and maintained.

At AMPM we pride ourselves in making our clients more productive, efficient, and profitable. Our success is predicated by how we contribute to the success of our clients. To ensure our service program is integrated and aligned with our client’s operation, we help identify and track performance indicators that impact and support their core mission. AMPM develops Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to measure our operational performance.



Retailers require appealing surroundings to attract shoppers, and to support their brand images. AMPM Facility Services understands the distinctive nature of the retail environment. Whether you have one retail location or many, you can rely on AMPM Facility Services to provide you with customized janitorial and maintenance programs to enhance your overall customer appeal.

Our precise attention to the details of operational excellence and cost control is unparalleled. The tenure of our senior operations team is in excess of 15 years and this experience is a significant factor in maintaining a world-class retail environment, which will generate outstanding financial results.

Government Facilities


AMPM Facility Services provides facility services to many Cities, Towns, and Municipalities. Facilities that we service include schools, court houses, police stations, fire departments, and city halls. AMPM Facility Services sets the industry standard of excellence for these municipalities by insuring the highest quality of cleaning while making security a high priority.

AMPM understands the special requirements of government facilities, and our high standards ensure an enhanced public image as well as a healthy environment for both customers and employees. Our standard operating protocol establishes programs that address special security concerns as well as day cleaning for any secured areas. AMPM gives you the quality service you expect from a regional industry leader.



Medical and health care facilities require special attention and a well-trained staff to provide thorough cleaning and maintenance. The specialized cleaning team at AMPM Facility Services understands the requirements of medical and health care cleaning and disinfection. Our medical and health care personnel are thoroughly trained and kept current on every aspect of the medical environment.

At AMPM we understand your healthcare cleaning requirements and we have the correct system for delivering it. Our cleaning staff has many years of healthcare cleaning experience. We are well trained in clinical cleaning including hazardous waste handling, sterile cleaning, and general cleaning using our cleaning for health care protocol to minimize cross contamination with uncompromised infection control. We refer to OSHA guidance on safety training and EPA on all cleaning processes, fluids and chemicals. AMPM provides MSDS sheets on all hazardous chemicals and ensure that all chemical containers are labeled.

AMPM’s commitment to green clean is apparent in every one of our services. We use only the highest quality, most environmentally friendly products whenever possible. This further ensures the kind of clean environment healthcare clients have come to expect from AMPM Facility Services.

Our commercial janitorial clients are located in Boston and throughout New England. Contact us today if you have any questions.

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