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Annual AMPM Meeting

John Smith recently hosted our management staff annual AMPM meeting.  This meeting was held to acknowledge employee recognition, introduce new...

AMPM Sponsored Softball Team

The AMPM Facility Services softball team was created by many individuals who work for AMPM and includes their friends and family.

CDC Warns of Enterovirus-68

The best way to prevent the spread of EV-68 is to promote frequent hand washing and surface cleaning with disinfectant. 

Spring Newsletter 2014: Celebrating 30 Years of Service!

In 1984, John Smith had a vision, a business model for the janitorial services industry based on the service first and foremost. The vision was put into prac- tice and for 30 years AMPM Facility Services is among the “best in class” in the industry. 

AMPM Management Team

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