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What Is Green Cleaning?

greenseal3Green Cleaning is more than using Green Products and showing the Green Seal Certification. Green Cleaning is the entire process of evaluating the needs of the facility and its inhabitants, the chemicals, paper products, cleaning equipment, procedures and training programs.

Green cleaning programs play a vital role in creating a healthier environment. Being environmentally responsible means using the least toxic products, equipment and procedures available.

AMPM provides a complete line of Green Seal Certified products working directly with the manufacturer. Our staff is routinely trained and updated on the latest environmentally safe cleaning products and procedures.

Why convert to green cleaners?

  • Promotes a healthier work environment
  • Improves safety for janitorial workers
  • Reduces your agency’s environmental footprint
  • Green purchasing is an important element of an Environmental Management System (EMS) now required for all federal facilities.
  • Helps create a more sizable market for cost effective high performance green products.
  • Helps position your agency as a leader in the use of sustainable business practices.