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Healthy Cleaning

AMPM’s Healthy Performance Cleaning Procedures

Healthy High Performance Cleaning is a unique, all-inclusive approach designed to ensure a clean and safe work environment, increase employee productivity and satisfaction, and enhance the value and integrity of buildings. The end goal is to reflect the organizational mission and values of our customers.

Healthy High Performance Cleaning Offers:

  • A comprehensive strategy to help organizations attain safe, healthy, high-performing buildings.
  • Best practices cleaning strategies, procedures and guidelines supported by easy-to-understand training materials.
  • Environmentally preferable purchasing guidelines for selecting janitorial chemicals, paper, liners, tools and equipment.
  • Initiatives that encourage occupant involvements to help ensure program success.
  • Communications materials to tell your key audiences about you environmental efforts.
  • A pathway to earn credits toward certification under the LEED for Existing Buildings Green Building Rating System from the U.S. Green Building Council

Being Green is not just about buying a mild soap or buying more Green Products. It’s about Healthy PerformanceCleaning. If the end goal is HPC, then your road map should look at these 3 key areas - This is where we come in.


  • Green Seal – EPA Approved Cleaning Chemicals
  • Green Seal –Restroom Paper Products
  • Room Sanitizers
  • Ice-Melt


  • Outdoor & Indoor Matting
  • Micro-Fiber Cleaning Mops
  • Dual System Mop Buckets
  • Equipment - Vacuums, Low-moisture Extractors, low water use scrubbers
  • Hands free Washroom Systems


  • Training / Guidelines
  • Procedures
  • Reduce Waste
  • Recycle Packaging
  • Awareness – Hand Washing