Customer Response Network

AMPM’s Makes Communicating Easier with "CRN" Technology


AMPM utilizes our web-based “CRN” (Customer Response Network) to provide our clients with another level of customer service.  All AMPM staff members carry smart phones capable of receiving e-mail alerts.  This “CRN” enables our facility contacts to identify any situation that requires our immediate attention.  Here is how our “CRN” works:


· Customers access the “CRN” through our AMPM website at

· Through a personal access code, your building manager enters directly into their account and details the specific information related to the maintenance or cleaning issue.

· That information entered is immediately emailed out to all AMPM personnel responsible for your account. 

· Upon receiving this message, the appropriate AMPM employee addresses the situation and notifies the customer with a return email through the “CRN” informing them how the situation was resolved. 


AMPM’s staff is accessible 24/7/365 through our Customer Response Network.



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